Birth Story: First time mum Gillian and baby Darcy

Lainey, i text you as my little one sleeps! Darcy Ann arrived this morning at 2.18am, weighing 8lb 14oz I felt like labour was starting not long after I replied to the mums facebook page on Sat!

I stayed home until contractions were 5-7mins apart! On way down they sped up and walking through the doors of the coombe they were minute or two apart!

My waters broke on way up to assesment unit and on examination, midwife could see a mop of black hair! I arrived in coombe at 1.20 and Darcy was born at 2.19! There was no time for the water birth!

Darcy arrived with the help of a tens machine, my yoga breathing and your words in my head! All is well, telling myself each pain brings me closer to baby!

I think my advice would be to explore all the options for your birth plan and make sure your husband/partner know what you want!

Remember it wont always go to plan! I was so in awe of seeing Darcy for the first time I didnt notice they were about to cut the cord and Paddy actually stopped them and told them we wanted delayed cord clamping!

Having made decisions about the birthing plan together ensured that what we could control we did!

No words can explain the feeling of meeting and holding her for the first time! Enjoy every second of those precious first few moments

Will see you for baby massage soon, Gillian x

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