Birth Story: Tara and baby Luke

Hi Elaine,

Think I finally have a bit of time to write this!  I’m so in love and over the moon with our little boy Luke, I feel like we won the best prize we could ever have asked for. He weighing 6lbs 7 oz.

We are getting on fine, we were discharged on Tuesday after going in for induction on the Thursday morning following my 41+3 appointment on the Wednesday where I was told no to extending my induction by a few more  days as my waters were low and the doctor advised to get started on the Thursday.

Thur morning, 6.45am it was packed in admissions, we didn’t get a bed til 12.30 in Monica’s ward and had the propess inserted at 3.30pm. I wad told once I get to 3cm I could then go to the delivery suite where my waters could be broken if they didn’t go themselves. I had a yoga ball for beside the bed, had lots of walks about and the day went along as normal, lots of moving about, Leo left at 8.30 and I got into bed at 11.30, slept on and off til 3am when I started to feel a bit crampy so I sat on the ball and started to walk the corridor and stairs. At 3.45 I started to use the timer app and was getting contractions every 3-4 minutes lasting 30-60 seconds. At 4.45 I went to the midwife station to say I was in a fair bit of pain now so she sat with me for awhile to monitor the contractions, after awhile she consulted with a colleague and they agreed to take the pessary out which they did at 5.15am. They helped me attach my Tens machine which was good to start with and also as a distraction.  I walked about, found the sideways stair climbing a bit painful but it’s a good one to try!

Met one of the yoga girls downstairs waiting to go for her gd test. I felt I was well on my way at this point.

The day from there was really long and painful, the contractions eased to 5-7 mins to 6-8, back to 3-4 and so on up and down like that and got to 1-3 mins about 5pm when I really felt tired. I was examined and was only at 1cm. The evening continued with very strong contractions, I spent a fair bit of time on the shower which soothed my back somewhat. Leo was allowed to stay with me on Monica’s ward as there were still no beds available in the delivery suite, one doctor said that it was their busiest time in the hospital, she has worked here for 3 years and I’d have been brought down long ago but as it was so busy they had no beds so I’d have to wait til a room became available. At 2am I was struggling and the only way I could manage the contractions was standing up being massaged, I was also aware of the 5 other girls in the ward who I was likely keeping awake so I tried to move about out to the hallways and stairs area but found this really hard as I was so tired at this stage. Somewhere during the night I was examined and I had got to 2cm but now they said they weren’t going to break my waters and it’d have to happen itself. I gave in and asked for pethidine, it did nothing for me and I was vomiting after it for awhile. At 6.30am I was told they had a bed and so off we went to the delivery suite, I was so happy to finally get some privacy and felt now that I was so much closer to meeting my baby and they said they were going to break my waters. I started on the gas which helped me a lot (it makes your voice go really deep which is funny). My cervix had gone back to 1 cm, I didn’t understand what was happening at all. The midwife could not break them and the doctor tried then but there seemed not to be any there.   Luke was on a trace and his heart rate was getting high, all of a sudden I was told I needed a caesarean and I was whisked away to an operating theatre. I have to say it all happened so quick, Leo and I were scared stiff but within minutes the doctor held up our baby, a baby boy, he was beautiful and the doctor said he’d swallowed meconium so they took him off to the side where they had to suction him and do some things, he was then taken to the nicu, I was so glad he was ok but so heartbroken to not be able to touch him or cuddle him.

I recovered in a room for a few hours and Leo went to be with him and took some photos and a video for me. I vomited a lot and waited patiently for my legs to work and at 3:30 I was able to be taken down to the nicu to meet Luke. He blew me away, my perfect little man and was now breathing on his own and off oxygen. We were asked to come back at 8.30pm which we did and I got to feed him and change him and really cuddle him. At 1am he was brought up to me on the ward, yipee he was finally with me!

I was in complete awe all that night and all day Sunday with him, I couldn’t stop looking at him. He had to go back to the nicu for antibiotics for another day or so but only to get them in his little drip.

I ended up with cellulitis in my wound and they tried to keep me in but the surgeon came to see me and realised I really needed to get home emotionally, 5 nights and 6 days was taking its toll, he stood over letting me home after iv antibiotics and then oral ones for at home. Yipee! Home Tuesday evening and it’s been so lovely settling Luke in and he has since past his birth weight at day 5 when the public health nurse came to weigh him. He’s a hungry little man and loves being awake at night! I was back in the coombe on Monday and all is fine and the infection has cleared. It’s great to be on the other side of it now and although things didn’t go to plan for me as such, I’d go through anything ten times over for him and you forget about it in no time.

Elaine thank you so much for the yoga classes, I found them so helpful and relaxing and would recommend them to anyone who’s pregnant as well as your Aromatherapy oil which I had with me in the hospital 😊.

I’ll see you for baby massage soon and can you pass on my best wishes to the 7pm girls for the rest of their pregnancy’s and meeting their special little people.

Tara x 

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