World Breastfeeding Week 2017

As mum to two gorgeous boys, (8 & 2years) and in honour of the week that's in it here's my own breastfeeding story!

From day 1, I combined fed my first baby- because I had some Buck's Fizz the day we brought him home from hospital as everyone was there to congratulate us.
I didn't know this small sip would have absolutely no effect on him and I of course could've easily continued to breastfeed but gave him one of the bottles of formula I had been told to 'stock up on' from the hospital, but hind sight is a great thing. As with most the more you combine feed the more likely you are to switch so by 4 months we had completely weaned.

When I found out I was expecting my second son I put the preparation in. I read books and chatted to other breastfeeding mums before my baby arrived I found the Facebook group Extended Breastfeeding in Ireland an inspiration. Answers at the click of a button to any question but most importantly it normalised breastfeeding to me!
It was normal for your body to know how to grow a baby, and then birth it, and then feed it. So trust was what I learned. Trust that my body knew how to continue to nourish my baby after he was born.

This time there was no formula. I exclusively breastfed. I had my nights out with the girls ( I do love my wine!), weekends away including a yoga retreat and two nights in Bordeaux with my other half, and it became our normal.
And just because I was breastfeeding didn't limit me in any way if anything it gave us more freedom to go anywhere and just bring a nappy and sling!

Recently our journey came to an end after breastfeeding for 2 years+ and one of the mammas in my classes gave me a present of this.
I had to look twice because at first I didn't realise she drew it for me! It's so gorgeous and special and I'll treasure it forever!

Thank you Margaret!

If I can normalise and support breastfeeding to just one person, just like all the other mums did for me, then I'll v happy.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Lainey 💕

Ps: Surround yourself in support 💖 Together with Caoimhe Whelan IBCLC we run free Breastfeeding Workshops in our Pregnancy Yoga classes and there's some great Cuidui and LLL groups meeting weekly. Go find your tribe 😊
Contact Caoimhe at

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