Read your baby, not the books..

I love this message. I struggled with thinking everyone else’s baby was in a ‘ routine ‘ and there was something wrong with mine because we had none. I felt i was doing it all ‘wrong’ because we had no routine. Then when I let go of the struggle and slowly learned to follow his cues suddenly being a new mum became so much more easier. Parenting became less stressful and more babyled.

Responding to your baby’s needs, rather then trying to place a structure feeding/sleeping/playtime, is a really important part of helping your baby feel safe and secure.

Babies don’t cry to manipulate, they cry to communicate a need – be it feeding, cuddling or comfort. Babies have the same needs as adults and don’t always cry for physical reasons, its emotional too. So if you baby is crying, pick them up and comfort them and make them feel listened to. Read your baby – not the books.

Lainey X

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