Wondering why you should join our Pregnancy Yoga classes? A FTM experience from the Coombe!

Hey, Im sending you this from the Coombe. My waters broke last night and I was brought in today and kept under observation with high risk of infection from my crohns disease. Hoping contractions start soon so I don’t have to be induced later tonight. But if that happens it happens. What will be will be 🙂 xxx

My Yoga Mamma experience.

First time being pregnant I had my Google search engine on overdrive searching anything and everything pregnancy related. Driving myself and my other half absolutely crazy. My whole life had changed, falling asleep at work, physical activity dropped, cravings, morning sickness all the usual first trimester symptoms weighing in on me. My partner said all you need right now is to relax. ( so of course I googled how to relax in pregnancy ) So yoga mammas tallaght came up on my search. Interesting I thought, Ive never done yoga before, I’d missed my usual workout for weeks now. I asked myself – “Could I do it”?  I emailed Elaine and I got such a warm welcome response straight away. No experience necessary come on down as soon as you reach 12 weeks.

I absolutely loved my first class. The minute you walk into class you can feel the stress and weight lifted off your shoulders. Elaine creates such a relaxing and soothing environment it feels like I’ve left Ireland and Im in a whole new Zen world. A Zen world full of women just like me pregnant and looking for somewhere to unwind.The first few minutes are like an open counselling session where we individually discuss anything pregnancy related.

The Third Trimester mamas often sharing their wisdom and experience with the newer mamas. Sharing tips and tricks with real life women and not googling a machine.

Elaine herself is a wealth of pregnancy knowledge and I can honestly say everything I learned was more valuable then the 5 parental classes I attended.

Then the yoga. What an absolute pleasure, breathing and stretches  tailored for pregnant women. Timeout just for mammy and baby.

Working full-time you can forget about that you have a special bond with the person growing inside you and yogamammas really gives you a chance to connect with him or her or even them. Yoga Mammas got me through my pregnancy physically, mentally and emotionally.

The best decision of my pregnancy was attending these classes even if I had to drag myself from a nap on the couch.

Now that I’m 40 weeks sitting in the hospital after my waters broke I can honestly say I feel so mentally prepared and ready. I believe in myself and my body and its all because Yoga Mammas. Thank you Elaine and all the other mamma friends 🙂


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