When can my baby and I join Baby Massage?

The number one question I get asked is from old can you join a Baby Massage class. Every instructor is different but for me, I recommend any time you feel ready to get out of the house with your baby. Be it 1week old or 3months+.

The class is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your baby in a completely relaxed baby led environment. But it’s not just for babies. Having experienced postnatal anxiety after the birth of my son, and realising that it was chatting with other mums and learning I wasn’t the only one struggling, that helped me heal and get back to feeling like myself again.

The social aspect is huge. It doesn’t matter if your baby sleeps the whole time. Or cries the whole class. Or feeds. Or perhaps ACTUALLY gets a massage!

It’s joining a community of other new mothers, finding support amount new friends, and filling up your maternity leave with regular coffee mornings and meet ups- well after the course has finished.


Lainey X

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