Wendy’s Birth Story

Hey Lainey,
Bump is now a gorgeous little girl 4 days old. Felt so amazing after yoga on Wednesday, cud have been the best class I’ve been to i just felt so relaxed and had no back pains at all.

Got a bloody show when I woke up the next day (Thursday) but had nothing else the rest of the day other than more of the “show”. On Friday morning at 1.30am I woke up with very mild cramping like period pains but very manageable so went back asleep. Was woken with these a couple of times but again was all very manageable. Nothing else on the Friday and was able to go about my day with both myself and John doing lots of nesting. I definitely overdid it with housework on Saturday while John was painting the walls. Finally sat down at 6pm to watch the football & the second I lay down on the couch I could have sworn I heard a pop and suddenly I felt a pool of water coming out and realised my waters has broken.

I phoned holles street who said to wait for more waters to come but the contractions came on almost immediately and were 2-3 mins apart. I didn’t realise they were contractions and thought they were cramps that were just getting stronger 😂 Phoned hospital back a half hour later to tell
Them and they said to come straight in and if there nothing wrong can send me home to come back in 24 hours given I was only “cramping” (as I was incorrectly calling it). Went in to holles street for about 9pm and was brought to the delivery ward and deliver room straight away still having constant, what I now knew to be, contractions. On first check i measured at 1cm and I was told they would likely put me on a ward and check on my progression in a few hours but the contractions intensified so quickly and moved to a minute apart very quickly.

All my breathing exercises helped so much throughout but it got so intense so fast. I got an epidural at this stage which was at about 10pm. I told the anaesthetist I wanted to kiss her and apologized to the amazing midwife who had taken such good care of me but for whom I did not have such offerings. She said this was something she was well used to.
They measured me to check any progress on my 1cm and I was already at 10cm and ready to push. Was in shock things had moved so quick it was crazy. Tried with pushing but this little girl didn’t like it so we waited an hour and tried it again. John had a sleep on the floor during this time.

After the hour I tried pushing again and after 20 mins my gorgeous little angel was born at 2.38am, 39 weeks+ 3 days, 7lbs12oz.

No name yet as we were waiting til she was born and she came sooner than normal and things have been crazy since. Literally cud not be happier am so much in love.

Looking forward to starting baby yoga 😍😍😍

Thanks so much Lainey. Wendy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Huge congratulations to Wendy and thanks so much for sharing your positive birth experience

Lainey xxx

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