Pregnancy yoga Tallaght

Water Birth : Maria and Baby Luis

Hi Elaine

His name is Luis and we are both fine but tired as we get used to each other and the nights 😅 I really enjoyed the classes and I hope to be joining the baby massage as soon as I feel strong enough 💪🏻 he already like the massages that we give him before night time so I’m pretty sure that he will enjoy the classes 🤗

It was amazing to birth in the pool!


Pregnancy yoga Tallaght

So, basically on Friday morning the we went to the Coombe for the usual check up and they examined me. My neck of the womb admitted 1 finger and it’s was 2cm long and posterior… we started feeling something that I didn’t feel before late that evening and as soon as I realised that I was starting to have surges I told my partner and he set up our room with low light, the diffuser with the essential oils that I prepared and the birthing ball. I told him that, even tho was early (10pm or so) to get some sleep now that he could. By 1 am my surges were stronger, lasting for longer and coming regularly every 2-3 min. By 4 am and after a nice long shower I was feeling lots of pressure on my bum so we decided to go to the hospital and when we got there they told me that I was 2cm dilated and my neck of the womb was fully effaced  and nearly central! Great news! They told me to stay in walking around as I progressed really well since the morning check so we did walk, use the stairs and the birthing ball…as my surges did not changed I decided to wait longer to get examined again and by the morning my surges and the pressure changed…little Luis changed position (his head was occipito tranvers so it wasn’t applying pressure on my cervix) and now my surges were irregular again and the pressure on my bum moved to my lower abdomen…we decided then to go home, have a shower and something to eat and may be a nap 😂

I was on all fours at home most of the time as I knew he needed to turn…after eating, shower and long hours in all fours something changed…this time I changed cause I couldn’t talk to anyone when the surges were coming…I was “in the zone”…we then came back to hospital on Saturday  at around 5:30pm and I was 3 cm…they told me that there was someone in the pool room but that I could go in in a while so I started to use the gas (what a lovely friend I found! 😂) and by 7pm we were in the pool 💪🏻 Luis was a water birth at 23:36h and I’m in love with him since! ❤️😍intact perineum with a small labial tear…the pool is truly amazing!

Thank you very much for everything and told the girls that I wish them the best!! Maria xx

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