Top Tips from 6 New Mammas

πŸ’— New Mums from Mother and Baby Yoga share their top tips for the first few days and weeks of motherhood πŸ’—


Plan one thing to do each day that will get you out of the house, enjoy every single second as the time passes too fast!

And for section mums try get out for short walks to keep yourself sane as you will get sick of being in the house & cant drive! And cook what you can for the freezer before baba arrives, great help!

Aisling and baby Alannah πŸ’—


Mine would definitely be Get out of the house if you can and remember that those first few weeks won’t last forever!img_5307-1

I did baby massage when he was 3 weeks old and even though I don’t know how I even brushed my teeth back then, it was definitely the best thing I did because it got me out and gave me confidence to get out with him.

I made a massive lasagne before Oliver came and froze it in lunch boxes and we lived off that for the first week or two. It was a lifesaver! Funny how you forget things now. Another thing which I would be LOST without is muslin cloths. I couldn’t understand why everyone kept telling me stock up and oh my god, with a pukey reflux baby I know why! Lifesavers!!! Aoife and baby OliverπŸ’™

Accept help if it’s offered… be prepared with essentials e.g. Nappies vests babygrows in different sizes as you won’t know the weight cellular blankets bibs lots of bibs babies spit up a lot you won’t want to have to go get them for the first week or so.. rest img_5308-1as much as possible

oh and don’t worry about the place… the house can wait I was so caught up in trying to make sure the house was perfect… no one notices the house…

it’s great getting out to socialise… especially to baby massage and yoga as we are all going through it… so we all understand… especially as I’m a first time Mam and none of my friends have babies it’s nice to meet new people..also get out and walk fresh air is great for yourself and baby… Grace and Lucia X πŸ’—


I think get a comfy spot on the sofa…. Have everything u need beside u…Snacks and water… Lots of water….

Try to nap when baby naps….img_4809-1

And forget about routines… Just listen to your baby….. Enjoy every minute… Time goes so fast….😍😍😍

Joanne and baby Áine πŸ’—



Be as prepared in advance as possible with nappies, vests, sleep suits etc. as the first couple of weeks is like a little cocoon so it’s nice to have everything you need. Get img_5310-2out for walks as early as possible and welcome visitors. You might not think you’re in the humour to see people but it’s great to let other people hold the baby, fuss over them and ask you how you are. Stock up on biscuits in advance and don’t worry about the house as people don’t see past your beautiful baby 😊
Lorraine and baby Lauren πŸ’—




Not advice I always remember to follow but mind yourself physically and mentally, try and get some sleep and remember to eat and try to find a small time in the week just for you, a bath, a walk or just a cuppa in peace and quiet can make all the difference. Niamh and baby Áine πŸ’— πŸ’—

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