The ToothFairy first visit

The TOOTHfAIRY came!

There was lots of excitement in our house yesterday as after two days of “ Mam my tooth is wobbly” the said tooth fell out in a classic fashion!

Since last year he’s been wondering when he will loose a tooth as everyone else in his class was making a fortune on their teeth falling out. I assured him it would happen soon, but as his first tooth arrived the week before his first birthday, I figured perhaps they’d say in a little longer too.

So after the last two days of “it’s wobbly, it’s definitely wobbly mam”, he went to brush his teeth yesterday morning, “Felt something like a piece of corn” (!)  in his mouth, spat it out and there it was! At the fine age of 7, he lost his first tooth!

I can’t tell you what it’s like to see your child for the first time with a big gap in their mouth! My heart swelled with “oh my god you’re getting big” and this felt right up their with rest of the ‘Firsts’.

Then came the tears when he saw some of the blood  but the promise of an icecream but heed to that soon enough.

So lastnight we wrapped the tooth up in cotton wool, into an envelope and wrote a lovely poem signed and dated by himself. The poem I came across went something like this –

Dear ToothFairy,

In this envelope you will find,
A teeny, tiny tooth of mine.
I placed it here for you to keep,
Please leave me a surprise,
While I sleep!

My purse is this morning €5.00 lighter ( we had to ask around what the going rate is!), and his gaping smile, makes me smile 🙂

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