The picture of infertility

Yoga for Fertility

The real picture of infertility is the woman beside you on the bus, your hairdresser, your sister, your cousin. It’s your gorgeous, healthy best friend being told it’s ‘unexplained’. It could be you.
Secondary infertility -comments like ‘ when are you going to give her a sister or brother’ are like knives to heart for some mothers who are trying for another child.

I actually dislike the word ‘infertility’. Struggling to get pregnant does not mean you can’t have a baby, but sometimes time or assisted technologies are needed.

Working with women every day I hear many different stories of struggle, disappointments and huge stress around fertility. I’ve had my own pregnancy loss in the past, going through the experience of  a Molar Pregnancy.

With 1 in 5 couples having difficulty conceiving, or things just not happening as fast as hoped, the subject can be difficult to approach. However the more we talk about it, and the more we open up and highlight the impact fertility difficulties are having on those around us who we love, the little bit easier the journey becomes to having a baby.

There have been so many mums-to-be join pregnancy yoga recently with successful  IVF stories.

Recently a fifth client, who attended our Fertility classes, has recently booked into Pregnancy Yoga, another got her BFP ( Congratulations A! ), and another has just had her baby ( Congratulations Gale and baby Norah!)

“ I am currently 6.5 weeks pregnant so early days but I did have an early scan & so far all looks good – so fingers crossed this little one sticks!  I have to say I used a lot of your relaxation techniques over the summer whenever I felt myself getting wound up – on to my yoga mat and Childs pose and breath. Really helped “
If you or you know anyone you think might benefit from fertility focused relaxation and support email

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