Take it easy Mamma

Hi mammas! I didn’t really notice the circles under my eyes until I took this πŸ‘€ !

I am being pulled in the direction of learning more about mothers’ wellbeing in the Postnatal stage at the moment.

As part of Western society, and in teaching 5 Postnatal classes a week I can’t help but notice a lack of nurturing mammas postnatally.

Most cultures particularly the Indian culture focus is on supporting the new mother through resting for 40days after birth, bringing her food, daily hot oil massages and more, so she can focus solely on nourishing and bonding with her baby.

In our society not only are you supposed to be the perfect mum, your baby is supposed to to feed easy and sleep all night, all the while the house is tidy and you get back to your ‘pre- baby’ self and maybe answer a few work emails while at it.

Such huge pressure is placed on women.

But you will NEVER be that woman again because by growing and birthing a baby you have transformed from a woman to a MOTHER. Your belly and heart and mind have expanded so much that you will never be that woman again, but a BETTER version of her.

Get to know her. Get to know, and LOVE,

the stretch marks, the looser skin, the saggy boobs, the dark circles. Get to know this newer version because she is you.

I am Postnatal. I am still Postnatal, it didn’t just end at 6 weeks, 12weeks, 6 months. My baby is 12 months and I am Postnatal. It has grown and birthed three beautiful beings over the ten years that I have been Mothering.

I’m still breastfeeding. Still waking throughout the night to nourish and comfort my baby. My body is not as strong as it once was. But my heart has never been so FULL.

So today I’m listening to my body and practicing self care. Even if it’s just for a few moments. They are moments in which I can fill my cup so I can Mother from a fuller place rather than empty space.

Go easy on yourself mammas, you are AMAZING

✨ πŸŒπŸŒ™

Lainey πŸ’•

What tips would you share for Postpartum Care?


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