Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! Thanks for all your friendship and support!!

From having a new baby last year, to featuring on Operation Transformation 📺 it was an amazing year for both … Read more

What is Active Birth?

I am truly inspired by the philosophy and movement of Active Birth – who knew you DO NOT have to labour and birth on a bed?! I didn’t on my … Read more

Birth Story: Positive Induction

Hiya Lainey and yoga mammas.

I said I’d email you a brief (positive induction) birth story.

My induction process began last Saturday morning with ARM followed by a lovely warm … Read more

Birth Story- Lorna and baby Alex

Hi Elaine, I’ve finally done Alexs’ birth story :

On 29th August I visited the Rotunda for my 38 week checkup. I had been having very strong Braxton Hicks that … Read more

Birth Story: Liz and baby Alex

Hi Elaine,

So last week after my Monday yoga class was a hive of activity. I had a consultants appointment with my obstetrician weds and an appointment with my haematology/oncology … Read more

Birth Story: Ciara and Anna

Hi Elaine ,

Just sitting here waiting to be discharged so thought no time like it to write the birth story.😀

So yet again my due date came and went … Read more

World Breastfeeding Week 2017

As mum to two gorgeous boys, (8 & 2years) and in honour of the week that's in it here's my own breastfeeding story!

From day 1, I combined fed my … Read more