What is Active Birth?

I am truly inspired by the philosophy and movement of Active Birth – who knew you DO NOT have to labour and birth on a bed?! I didn’t on my … Read more

Birth Story: Positive Induction

Hiya Lainey and yoga mammas.

I said I’d email you a brief (positive induction) birth story.

My induction process began last Saturday morning with ARM followed by a lovely warm … Read more

Birth Story: Ciara and Anna

Hi Elaine ,

Just sitting here waiting to be discharged so thought no time like it to write the birth story.😀

So yet again my due date came and went … Read more

Louise’s birth story

Lucas’ Birth Story.

So, as ye know, i was overdue a week last Monday. Tuesday I

had a hosp app and the doc checked me and offered a

sweep. She … Read more

Lorraine’s Birth Story

Pre-pregnancy I had always enjoyed my weekly Yoga Flow class with Elaine. Thankfully when I became pregnant I was able to join her Pregnancy Class which I absolutely loved! Found … Read more