Preparing for your positive VBAC

I’m so excited to be currently training in helping mums prepare for a Vaginal Birth after C section (VBAC).

The GentleBirth VBAC class provides parents with an evidence-based introduction to VBAC preparation with a strong focus on the emotional journey.

Preparing for a positive VBAC

” I think to most important thing is that you really want a vbac and believe in yourself and trust your body to do what it needs to naturally.
Arm yourself with all the facts about the benefits of vbac vs section and get a pro-vbac midwife to support you.

For anyone thinking about a vbac I would say go for it 100%. Recovery is so much better, I was actually shocked at how good I felt in comparison.

My motivation was the need to be able to pick up Leah and freedom to get in the car whenever I wanted, I had researched the positives of a vbac and I attended a class which really helped with any niggling doubts.

When the time comes it is a completely new experience but if you stay calm, breath and listen to your body it is so very worthwhile.

I genuinely cannot recommend it enough.”

Kerry and Baby Aaron


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