Birth Story C section: Keeva and Kara

Hi Elaine, hope you are well. As you know I was booked in for the section last Wednesday and at 16.42pm our beautiful baby girl, Kara Jane made her grand entrance.

She was breach for the last 2 months, even still breach at the 2pm scan but 2 and a half hours later, she had completely flipped and would have been ok for a natural delivery! They didnt know she had flipped until they opened me up! The little madam 😂

The section was fine but I got an infection so my recovery has been slow. We were allowed home yesterday and she is settling in well.

Jamie asked me to message you as well because if you can believe it, as you know, our due dates were 1 day apart and her beautiful baby Ava Holly arrived on the same day exactly 12 hours before Kara at 4.40am! Both baby and momma are doing fantastic and are looking forward to classes as well 💖💖💖

Thank you for all your support and the advice from the other ladies in the Wednesday class, the breathing techniques really helped me during the section as I was very anxious.

I think my main tip would be to have a great support system. Without my partner and both our mothers in the hospital with me for the first few days, looking after the baby and fighting my corner with doctors when I was too weak to insist on better care or when the midwives would be so busy (they are amazing) and they’d forget something and having someone to go check up on things for you, that really helped. The first few days were a blur, mainly because I was sick with an infection and they didnt pick up on it til day 4 post surgery so it could have been a lot worse without the mammy’s looking after me!

2nd tip….wireless bluetooth headphones with a good playlist for when you are in the delivery room to keep you (and your partner) calm 😊

And the breathing techniques really, really helped.

Looking forward to the baby massage class, hopefully it wont be too long before we get to go.

Thanks again for everything and see you soon xxx

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