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Positive Induction: Sarah and Baby Scott

Hi Lainey,

Just getting round to my Birth Story after an action packed few days! Scott  was born at 8:09am on Wednesday  at 42 weeks plus one day.

I was brought in for induction at 42 weeks despite using all the tricks in the book to try to get labour going myself! He was way to comfy in there. I was a bit disappointed having to be induced after being induced on Robyn but was so looking forward to meeting my baby too.
Baby had been high up and not very far into my pelvis and was still high when I was admitted and examined. I was given a gel in the morning and told my waters would be broken on the evening ward round. I was having short sharp pains in my back during the day, all very manageable so I was able to walk about. I used the labour hopscotch but also rested/listened to music/gentle birth during the day as I wanted to conserve my energy for labour. I had my faux candles out and was trying to relax and be as calm as possible.
I was examined by the team at about 7:30pm and they broke my waters and I started having surges which gradually started to intensify. With every surge I was passing big gushes of waters because baby was still so high which wasn’t very pleasant!
I was using the labour hopscotch, my TENS machine and keeping active.
My surges continued and at 1am I asked to be examined (@Jeffs insistence!) My surges were quite intense but I kind of knew myself from my previous labour that I wasn’t in active labour. My surges were lasting about 30-40 seconds at this point. When I was examined I wasn’t in active labour, baby was still very high and my cervix hadn’t changed much. I was a bit disheartened as even though I knew I wasn’t in labour I thought I would have made a bit more progress with the amount of surges I’d been having. The midwife stretched my cervix during the exam and advised me to get in the shower and squat/lunge during surges. So I did that for about an hour. Also advised to push against the wall in a lunge during surges to relieve the pain.
I attended the community midwives in Holles st so every so often one of them would come down from delivery to see how I was getting on. I met one of them at about 2am and we were discussing my options as I wasn’t making much progress and wasn’t sure how much longer I could do with not a lot happening. At that stage I was getting a bit fearful I would be going for a section. The community midwife Bernie (who was at Robyns birth!) went through a few options with me and we decided that if not much had changed by 6am I would go to delivery for the oxytocin drip. I said I wanted the epidural if I got the drip as I didn’t think I could do one without the other from my experience on Robyn. She agreed.
I was having strong surges till bout 4am. The midwife on the prelabour ward then examined me and not a lot had changed. I was very disheartened (again!) and she stretched my cervix again. The midwife recommended Pethidine to try take the edge off contractions and try get some rest. She said that pethidine may not work I also could dilate very quickly meaning may not be able to get epidural which I didn’t mind. I would always have said I’d never want pethidine but I felt I didn’t really have any other options and thought I might get some relief and it would keep me going until 6am when they said I could go to delivery.
I got the pethidine and was told to lie in bed and try rest for the pethidine to have the best effect. I felt very sleepy but the surges were as strong so I was waking up very suddenly in lot of pain. The surges were lasting one minute at this stage.
I kept trying to focus on my breath and repeating I can do anything for one minute but I felt like I was losing my breath. Jeff and the midwife kept saying I was coping well (the encouragement helped even if I wasn’t!) Then suddenly I felt I couldn’t take it any more, I was very distressed, wanted to go. (Transition but I didn’t know it – never thought I’d be going through transition on a prelabour ward with 13 other women!)
Then I felt like I needed to poo and the midwives said great baby’s coming! They whisked me off in a wheelchair about 7:30am to delivery. I thought I was going to get an epidural and when they examined me in delivery said baby was ready to come and I started pushing. Midwives said baby would arrive by 8 but I didn’t believe them as everything had gone so slowly up to that point. I had gone from 1cm, cervix not ripe, not in labour at my last examination to fully dilated on my next exam!

The Midwives used hot pads and were telling me when to do small pushes and when to blow. Within 5-6 surges (I think) Baby’s head was out. Next surge was for baby’s body and I pulled him up to me, so warm and I saw it was a boy! Scott was born at 8:09am, it was so emotional! Actually couldn’t believe it.

Pregnancy yoga Tallaght

Had delayed cord clamping and Jeff cut the cord. We got to stay in the delivery room for the rest of the day, didn’t get transferred to the ward and we got discharged at about 3pm. I was so delighted to b going home. I couldn’t believe it all went so quickly in the end after starting off slowly. I definitely lost faith a couple of times during the night but in the end it ended up being a very positive induction, no epidural, no stitches and a healthy happy baby. Scott is slotting right in with Robyn, he’s feeding great and is a lovely little baby.

Best of luck to everyone with the rest of their pregnancies and see u soon for baby massage! xxxxx

Huge congratulations to Sarah, Pregnancy Yoga Tallaght on her second baby. It’s been wonderful supporting Sarah through both her pregnancies!


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