Relaxed C Section: Jean and baby Jack

Hi Lainey,

My birth story was already written a few weeks ago when the doctor told me I would need a c-section due to placenta praevia. 

Once I got my head around it and got over the initial disappointment of not being able to have a natural birth, I accepted the medical advice that it was the best for both the baby and me. What I didn’t prepare for was being admitted for monitoring in the week beforehand. I felt as though I was an extra on ‘one born every minute’ as I watched dozens of mammies come and go to have their babies. I got to know so many of them during that week and every day I loved to hear their news from the delivery suite!

 My section was scheduled for two weeks before my due date to minimize the risk of bleeding. I surprised myself at how calm I felt the evening before and I actually got some sleep. That morning I waited patiently to be called to the operating theatre and finally at 2.45 pm the midwife walked me down. 

 It is difficult to label the emotion I was feeling at the time, but I can say that it was generally a positive one with a bit of apprehension thrown into the mix. The whole process was calm and relaxed and the staff couldn’t have been nicer. Within about ten minutes I heard the surgeon say congratulations and the gown was lowered so as my husband could tell me if we had a boy or girl (luckily he got it right!). 

Baby Jack was born weighing 6lbs 2 ounces and announced his arrival immediately with a healthy and loud cry. The pediatricians took him for a quick check and then he was brought to me for some skin to skin.

If I have learned anything about pregnancy it is that you just can’t plan anything! Being told I needed to have a section initially made me feel like I had lost some sense of control over the birth of my baby but this wasn’t the case at all and in fact, my experience turned out to be such a positive one. 

Whilst it was not the type of birth I would have chosen, it was still a wonderful experience because of course we got to meet Jack a few weeks ahead of schedule! There are still so many choices available. The staff in the Coombe are amazing and were sure we had skin to skin as soon as possible and also helped me breastfeed as soon as I was in recovery. Baby Jack is doing great and we are excited to head to baby massage once I am back driving. 

Thanks for the fabulous yoga classes Lainey. We’ll see you soon!

Jean and Baby Jack xxxx

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