Birth Story after a few days of waiting! Barbara and baby Thomas

Hi Elaine,

Text 1:

i had check up and they kept me in cause baby is lying oblique n theres a danger of cord prolapse. So bouncing on my ball n sniffing my oils to try get baby into pelvis. Not what i was expecting

Followed on with:

Baby still the same position though im getting fit climbing those stairs! Doing squats n ball too – im not too hung up on what happens as long as i know ive tried my best. They’ll let me go over in the hope something will happen. On the bright side ive no housework n im getting lovely meals handed to me.

And then!…

I’ve a new birth story for you! my waters broke on sat afternoon n baby moved into correct position. I was induced Sunday at 2pm n baby was born at 6pm. V fast birth – was actually getting epidural when urge to push came. I had gone from 2 to 10 cm in 30 mins! Baby Thomas was born a healthy 7lb 6oz.

I used the YogaMammas Labour Blend after showers when i was in hospital trying to get baby to reposition. Id say it helped my waters go which meant i avoided c section. I couldn’t really use in actual labour as i was hooked up to monitor with drip induction. Things proceeded so fast all i could focus on was my breathing – used the gas n air. Couldn’t spare a thought for anything else. Nearly broke his fingers…haha..

I had a bit of a fright after when my placenta wouldn’t deliver n my body went into shock from blood loss. However great team in the Coombe stabilised me without needing to go to theatre. Got great care but glad to get home n get the breastfeeding established.

Breastfeeding tough especially the cluster feeding on night 2 – had forgotten that bit. But its coming back to me – its so rewarding looking at his satisfied little face.


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