Birth Story: Leona and baby Justin

Hi Elaine , hope you had a nice time away on your babymoon 😊

Our gorgeous baby boy Justin was born on Friday 13th at 9.20 am after quite a quick and intense labour! We’re all so in love and besotted with him .

The labour was a different experience to my previous labours but I had my tens machine and gas and air , thank god! 😂 and I had a brilliant midwife too who helped deliver him safely and that’s the main thing 😊

He’s so beautiful and we are all so in love with him ♥️ At home recovering now and enjoying lots of cuddles with him.

Good luck to everyone in class and enjoy every moment with ur new babas.

Thanks for all the tips in classes and we look forward to joining you in baby yoga and massage classes 😁

Thanks, Leona xx

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