Birth Story: Gorgeous baby boy 11lb Active Birth

Was supposed to be induced but after a little chat with doctors they agreed to let me wait another day or 2 and I didn’t even need that!!

I think my head was holding Onto a lot of stress and it disappeared once I felt in more control of an informed joint decision

I went home and did a Lot of walking and wiggling and squatting that day. Went to bed and I was feeling pains in back And lower abdomen, they were coming quick and strong and didn’t let up. We were in hospital 2hours later, and I was 3 cm, admitted to labour ward, 20mins later my waters broke, and baby BOY born 11lbs.

It was a very quick labour, but managed it through gas and air, music, rotating hip circles, being on all fours on bean bag and then moved to kneeling onto Side of bed as it was a Bit higher and got baby into a better position for delivery.

I think the squats from class really helped get baby into the right position too. Even though he was a big boy I didn’t need any stitches and again think the squats helped.

We got skin to skin for a long time and physiological third stage of delivery of placenta and all went really well.

Thanks so much for everything, all the tips and advice.

I will Miss the yoga chats and Hope all the mammies are Doing well.

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