Birth Story: Positive Induction

Hiya Lainey and yoga mammas.

I said I’d email you a brief (positive induction) birth story.

My induction process began last Saturday morning with ARM followed by a lovely warm shower. After 2 hours nothing had changed so I was put on a slow syntocin drip.

Gradually things kicked off until Baby Osborne Boy arrived about 7 hours later, 8lbs 15 oz.

I was so grateful to remain mobile throughout the birthing using my MP3 tracks, breathing, Yoga Mamas rollerball, (this is an absolute necessity for your labour ward bag), visualisations, mantras, birth ball and beanbag.

Eventhough I ended up with coaching as I was just getting a wee bit tired, the beautiful little man eventually appearedĀ  thankfully. We had instant skin to skin which was gorgeous and now we’re in squishy heaven!!

Thanks Lainey and lovely mamas for your wonderful wisdom, advice, laughs, and

encouragement along the way!

Not to mention the yoga, mindfulness and your Yoga Mammas Aromatherapy oils!!!

Induction can be a positive experience!!

Best of luck to the rest of you mamas. Trust yourselves…you will rock it!!

Ann Marie xxx

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