Birth Story- Lorna and baby Alex

Hi Elaine, I’ve finally done Alexs’ birth story :

On 29th August I visited the Rotunda for my 38 week checkup. I had been having very strong Braxton Hicks that were waking me up in the middle of the night and the previous night I was very restless, up at 3 and 5am.

I was booked in for an elective c section on 05th September as I had an extremely long back labour on my previous pregnancy in March 2016 which ended in an emergency c section. I wasn’t prepared to go through a VBAC after that.

When got back to Carlow I climbed into bed for a quick nap, I felt exhausted. My husband had just gone to Tullow to check his cattle. As I turned in bed I suddenly felt a gush and my waters broke.

I tried to contact my husband and couldn’t get him, the reception is terrible on the farm, I left him a message and desperately scurried around putting lastminute things into the hospital bag. I eventually managed to catch him and he hurried back and off we were back up to the Rotunda. We hit the rush hour traffic as we came onto the M50 and my contractions started.

Once we got onto the quays in city centre, we rushed down the buslane and before we knew it we were in the emergency waiting room and were called for assessment within 5 mins. I had phoned ahead to say we were en route.

The contractions were strengthening at this stage and I found it difficult to remain lying in the one position as they monitored the baby and myself. I was relieved when the midwife brought me the gas and air and before I knew it, I was admitted and in a wheelchair being brought up to a ward while my husband completed the paperwork at reception.

When I was examined I was dilated to 3cm, the midwife then informed me that theatre was busy for the moment however my c section was next. A spinal was done and my husband was shown into the operating theatre in his gown for the c section to take place.

Our little boy Alex was safely delivered at 10.03pm weighing 6lbs and 6ozs and I was relieved to hear him cry loudly immediately. We had some skin to skin while I was being stitched and then we were moved to the recovery room for more skin to skin.

Even though I had a c section, I was really glad I attended the yoga classes as they were a special moment just for baby and I; I could take time out and meet other Moms to be to share ideas and of course get some stretches in.

Thanks Elaine for all of your support and guidance and always making us feel so Special in the weekly class.

Best Wishes to all the future YogaMammas , we’ll probably see some of you hopefully in upcoming Carlow baby massage and mum and baby yoga πŸ‘¨πŸΌπŸ˜β˜•

Lorna and Alex

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