Birth Story Marcella and baby Scott

Hey Elaine. Hope you had a great holiday. 

My due date was today but they had decided to bring me in Wed to get induced as doc was anxious as I’m 40 and IVF pregnancy. 

Wasn’t that keen so started all the home remedies to try and go myself. Did more walking, used the gym ball loads, ate lots of pineapple and on Fri night we went for an Indian for our dinner. Had a lovely spicy curry and was just about to start my ice cream when i felt a familiar gush. Waters had broke there in the restaurant. I grabbed my toddlers bag and went and put one of his nappies on and after some apoligising to restaurant staff we left to get ourselves together to go to hospital.

Got my antibiotics for the Group B Strep and was told they’d start me on the drip the following morning if nothing happened over night. Tried my best to get rest but it was impossible and started having some surges about 4am and i was hopeful. But at 9am i was only 4cm dilated so the drip was started. They were looking for me to have 5 contractions in 15 minutes and straight away i had 7 strong ones in that time frame. They continued with no let up and i wasn’t able to breathe comfortably with the gas and air so had to roll with it. Was soon 10cm and the fun of pushing started which went OK but then i got stuck a bit. I really thought at times that i couldn’t do it but knew that if i didn’t give it everything then what would be needed to get baby out would be so much more difficult than just a push. So gave it loads. Just as i was about to have an episiotomy i tore and with the next lot of pushes the head came out. Baby was looking upwards and that’s why it had been so difficult. Also the fact that he was 8 lb 15oz did not make it easy.

 But from start to finish it was 2hrs and 40 mins which was quick but non stop and i had no opportunity to practice a lot of what you taught me as i was hooked up everywhere. But mentally i know what i learned helped a lot.

We had lots of immediate skin to skin and he stayed with me as i was stitched. 

Eventhough the delivery was harder than my first and it didn’t go the way i would’ve liked, i found the experience a much more positive one and that was due to Hubble being there the whole way through and the staff being amazing. 

And that’s my little family complete. All the things that stood in the way didn’t stop us and every injection, appointment, disappointment, euro spent and the heartache has all been worth it to have my 2 beautiful boys that i will treasure.

 Thanks for being there throughout my fertility and pregnancy journey, i always looked forward to your classes and learning from you and all the lovely ladies. 

Ps to any of the girls who might end up being a night in hospital before baby is born, tired women snore a lot, bring ear plugs.

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