A very speedy arrival! Micha and baby Ruby

This birth story came as a wonderful surprise as after attending my Pregnancy Yoga classes and Private 1:1 lessons on a previous pregnancy, Micha had booked in for two more Private Pregnancy Yoga classes with me this week as this was her 4th pregnancy and had little time to attend weekly, however Ruby had other plans!! 😆

Also a perfect example of how the body knows exactly what to do during the birth process and of the fetal ejection reflex where no pushing is involved.

Hi Lainey, I had my baby girl Ruby yesterday evening 😊 😊 speedy delivery barely made it to the hospital 🙈

It was Very very fast. I was getting contractions at home but only very mild one. Went for ice creams with the kiddies to fairgreen and contractions started to be little stronger.

We left Carlow 7.50pm and she was born at 8.44pm in the Coombe. Contractions in the car were very strong no time for tense machine or anything.

I couldn’t get of car my husband had to carry me and when I got out of wheelchair she just popped out…. Literally .

Slightly dramatic ha ha ha but she is absolutely perfect

Ruby 😊 can’t wait for the baby massage.

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