Birth Story: Barbara and baby Daisy

Hey Elaine,

On Monday morning I noticed my waters were starting to leak, it wasn’t the big gush I had heard so much about and was expecting. I had a very different expectation of it.

I called the hospital as i wasnt 100% sure, they asked me to pop down for some tests which I did and they were positive.

On Tues morning I was placed on iv antibiotics and I was induced with the syntocion drip. Things kicked off pretty quickly. One of my midwives was a gentle birth instructor and encouraged me to be an active as possible throughout my labour as this was my wish. Being hooked up to a drip I didn’t think it was possible however I was very wrong. I used the birth ball at first and yoga mat hip circles etc.

I also used mantras. I can do anything for one minute. Each surge I’m a step closer to meeting the love of my life. Which she certainly is. We are so in love with Daisy.

Linda my midwife also created a very calming space with the use of lavender oil.

As things progressed I used the tens machine , breathing exercises and rebozo shifting which she introduced us too. Great for my partner to be involved in my labour.

These techniques worked for a while but my surges where fast and furious. I had a drug free birth from 11.30 am until 5 pm. Then I had the epidural as I really needed it.

I was able to rest for sometime then which was great as i was really tired. At 10.29 pm we we welcomed our little girl Daisy into the world.

She is just so perfect. I wish I could bottle up the feeling you get when you meet your baby for the first time. It’s truly magical.

I cannot thank the staff in university hospital waterford enough each and every one of the midwives and doctors were incredible.

Best of luck to all the mamas at yoga class. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Each moment is just so precious.

I’m looking forward to joining your baby massage class in the next few weeks.

Thanks so much for everything Lainey

See you soon

Best wishes

Barbara xxx

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