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YogaMammas Birth Story: Rachel and baby Mealla

Hi Lainey, finally writing this after a couple of days of soaking up the newborn cuddles
I woke at 3am on Sunday with pains (40+2) Got up around 4 and used my tens and winner flow while sitting on my yoga ball. We headed to hospital around 9.30am. Pains stopped in the car 🙈 but then ramped up again once I moved around the hospital a bit so got to stay on delivery ward.

Our little girl, Mealla, was born at lunchtime after 10 minutes of pushing (mostly breathing). We had immediate skin to skin and waited for the cord to stop pulsating and turn white which only took about 5 minutes.
She was 8lb 4oz so my smallest baby and nowhere near the giant they thought I was going to have 😂
She’s been a trooper and feeding so well already. 🥰
The midwives listened to every request I had and gave me so much courage. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my last baby. 💕

My tips would be to stay active and upright in labour as it helps it to progress but also, in my experience, feels better.

Remember to relax the body and breathe slowly in and out through the surges.

Having a couple of affirmations really helps. “I can do anything for a minute” and “every surge brings me closer to meeting my baby” were the ones that were in my head the most.

Trust your body, it knows exactly what to do 💪

Thanks for helping to prepare my mind and body over the last few months.

Pregnancy Yoga definitely contributed to my positive experience.
Can’t wait to join baby massage in a few weeks.

Huge congratulations to Rachel and baby Mealla, thank you so much for sharing your birth story and tips

Lainey Xxx

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