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Birth Story: Gentlebirth Lindsey and Baby Carrie

Hi Lainey,

We welcomed our beautiful baby girl Carrie  into the world  and I’d love to take her to baby massage. Having a toddler really does make the day hectic and I think baby massage would be nice 1:1 time for us.

Pregnancy yoga Dublin yoga mammas
I know you love a good birth story and we really have one. She was born in the back of my husband’s car on route to the Coombe. It was the most lovely and empowering experience. She had a truly gentlebirth.

It was in the middle of the night so pitch black, there was only myself and my husband (who was driving 🙈). I was kneeling in the backseat, my waters broke about 20 mins after we left home.

The next surge brought her head and after what felt like hours but was just the next surge her body came and she slipped calmly into the world.

She birthed herself and as you have said in many classes ‘my baby knows what to do, my body knows what to do’ .Brian in the mean time rang 999 who advised us to pull in and wait for ambulance to arrive.

So we did skin on skin and wrapped her as best we could. It was magic, in the dead of the night with nobody else around holding my precious bundle.

It was calm and peaceful and perfect. The paramedics arrived about 40mins later, cut the cord and brought us to the Coombe. I held Carrie the entire time and it was lovely.

We arrived to the Coombe in time for our tea and toast😉but I had to be brought to theatre due to a tear (all sorted and recovered now).
Throughout the short but intense labour I remembered different things from my yoga classes with you when I was expecting Cooper, mostly to breathe in oxygen to my baby and I was squatting down with each early surge at home (hindsight maybe this helped things move too quickly😂). I really focused on getting the breath in with each surge.

Gentlebirth/ hynobirthing really are the most wonderful tools. We are so lucky to have her here and I’d like to thank you for your support. It definitely came back to me from last time.

So thank you, you really are incredible at what you do, teaching women how amazing their bodies are and how natural pregnancy and childbirth can be.

Thank you
Lindsey xx


Huge congratulations to Lindsey on her beautiful gentlebirth and it was wonderful supporting her on both her pregnancies.

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