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Birth Story: Fiona and Baby Jack

Hi Lainey. Our gorgeous little boy💙 Baby Jack 🥰 arrived Sunday morning Weighing 8Ibs 6 oz.

It was the most amazing birth and so thankful to have been part of your yoga mommas group and been so empowered to have the positive birth I hoped for 🙏

It was an amazing labour, hypnobirthing and entonox! Used the bath to labour for a few hours with my fabulous Yoga Mamma aromatherapy oils and Labour Mist to calm my mind 😍

I was allowed retreat with my husband with fairy lights and hypnobirthing techniques in the calm surroundings on the labour ward. It was fabulous😍

Can’t believe how well it all went. The midwives were amazed at how I managed to birth my 1st baby with such focus and ease with each surge and active birth positions.

He came out absolutely perfect.

I’m so thankful for all your tips at yoga and for empowering me to birth Jack the way I hoped Our bodies are amazing and the subconscious mind is so powerful🥰💕 thanks for all Lainey.

The positives of corona virus.. I wouldn’t have found u otherwise 😅


Huge congratulations to Fiona from our online pregnancy yoga on the wonderful birth of her son.

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