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Birth Story: Christine and baby Liam

Hi Elaine!!

The Pregnancy yoga online classes are brilliant and were a lifesaver during lockdown!
Liam is 3 weeks old today ❤ its flying by but at the same time feels like a lifetime ago I was walking into the delivery suite!!
So…..just like his sister Liam was in no hurray to arrive and I was booked for induction at 40+12.
I declined all examinations and sweeps until i was 8 days over and feeling a bit miserable (I had developed a PUPP rash and wasn’t sleeping and was taking 2 oat baths a day to try and relieve the itching!). I lost my plug the next morning and was so optimistic that things would start over the weekend but nothing! Into the coombe we went monday morning after dropping our 2 year old off at my mams. I went in with my labour bag and Eoghan waited in the car. While I was waiting in the assessment unit a few women arrived in in labour. While I was having my trace I was told that the delivery suite was very busy and I could go home and wait for a call.
It was a bit of an anticlimax and that Monday was so strange! We got no call that day or night but I was thankful to have the full nights sleep if I was to be induced later in the day. At 10am the next morning the unit finally rang and we made our way in!!
I was brought straight to the delivery suite and was introduced to our gorgeous midwife, Matilda. I rang my husband to come up and got changed into my labour clothes. After a trace and a canula put in one of the Dr’s came and broke my water. I asked for some time before the drip was started to see if i would start contracting on my own.
Nothing was too much trouble for them and they agreed to give me an hour, I really felt listened to and supported. I got of the bed and started hip circles on the ball while chatting with Matilda and my husband.
Unfortunately nothing happened at we started the drip at 1pm. Contractions started immediately and were coming regularly. I did a mix of circles on the ball, leaning over the raised bed and kneeling on the bed with the head upright. After a few hours I started on the gas and air, im not sure if it helped but it was something to focus on.
I felt I was managing well and while the contractions were intense it wasnt pain I was feeling. Eoghan was playing music and matilda offered back pressure and was singing along. She kept telling me how well I was doing. It was then time for an exam to see if the drip needed to be increased. I was still only 2cm and my cervix was still long after 5 hours, suddenly the conractions felt so strong and painful.
I think id lost my focus after hearing I hadn’t progressed. I decided it was time for the epidural. I was really upset but Matilda and Eoghan encouraged me that I was making the right decision. The anesthetist arrived within minutes, sitting still was tricky but I was so happy for the break once the epidural started working.
After an hour I was 4cm and feeling a lot of back pressure. Matilda reassured me that I had made the right call getting the epidural as it had helped my body relax. An hour after that I was 10cm!! It was time for a shift change and we got another fabulous midwife, Tara. They decided we would do an hour passive decent. I was back on the gas and air and really struggling with the intense pressure with every contraction at this point. I didnt know how I’d manage to keep going for another hour.
 My husband was amazing, he was watching the monitor and as each contraction peaked was telling me it was passing and it was another one done. The pressure was so strong that I started pushing myself after around 30 minutes. The midwives came back in and geared up. Im not sure how long I was pushing for but after an episiotomy and slight tear liam arrived at 10.13pm…..all 10lbs 7oz of him!! The midwives couldnt believe the size of him!! It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done and I can honestly say it was the team of midwives who made it so amazing!! I felt 100% supported and listened to throughout.
Oh god sorry that’s so long!!
Your Aromatherapy Labour Blend got lots of compliments too actually 😊
Thanks so much for your classes and the community of women you’ve brought together ❤
yoga mammas birth stories
Huge congratulations to Christine on the arrival of her very juicy healthy baby boy! It was wonderful having Christine back in my classes again with her second baby!
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