Positive induction: Rhian and baby Jake 

Hi Lainey,
I couldn’t be happier to tell you that baby Jake arrived Monday morning at 2.54am weighing 8lbs 1oz, 13 days overdue and absolutely perfect!

Pregnancy Yoga Tallaght
It was an exhausting weekend being induced at 10.00am Saturday morning and was then told 24 hours later I was suitable to have my waters broke once a labour suite was free but I didn’t get a room until 10pm! So alot of waiting around.
Waters broken by a doctor at 10.30pm, hooked up to oxytocin and thankfully there was enough length on the drip and monitor to walk around the bed and use the gym ball. I was to be checked after 4 hours, but the pain was so strong after 3 and a half hours with only using gas and air that they examined to see was I at 3cm to have the epidural…..but I was almost 9cm!!!! Got the shock of my life and we got ready to push. Bit of a blur from then but worked together with baby and finally heard three wonderful words “it’s a boy!!”.
I really didn’t think I’d ever have the endurance or threshold to go the full way without an epidural but I concentrated on the yoga breathing techniques you taught me, and released all that pain outwards through long breaths (with a lot of added volume!).
Advice for anyone going for induction, I really did not know what to expect. I thought that going in Saturday morning to be induced I’d then have a baby in my arms by that night or the next morning. I didnt realise that induction is not to cause labour to come on, although it sometimes can in, my case it didn’t. So I was surprised to find that having been induced for 24 hours my body felt no different. Not one sign of labour started for me until I was hooked up to oxytocin immediately after they had broken my waters.

It can be a long process of waiting around with you feeling no different than you did the week before, but once that drip was hooked up things happened very fast!! So I’d advise being prepared mentally that you may feel no different and that’s OK! Baby is coming out no matter what so try block out the sound of the woman in the bed beside you going through natural contraction pains and remember everyones birth experience is different.
We are absolutely smitten and all settling into life as a new family.
Thank you for all support and we will see you in baby massage class soon.
Love from Rhian, Adam and Jake xxx

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