Positive Elective C- Section- Caitlin and baby Croía

Croía came into our lives two weeks ago. I had an elective caesarean in the end as she was breech and was not going to budge. I always said from the start that I didn’t mind how my bundle came into the world so long as everyone was safe but I was a tiny bit disappointed at first. As the time was getting closer I, selfishly, found myself hoping she wouldn’t turn because I was ready to meet her and had myself psyched up for a section.


The day got off to a weird start. We arrived at admissions to find out that our doctor had given us the wrong day for his surgeries. His surgery day was Mondays and we were given Tuesday as our date. I was so upset, thinking that we could be sent home. It was all sorted and after reviewing my file they said they would go ahead with my surgery. The receptionist was so lovely and had said she would have done it for me herself 😂

My whole experience in The Coombe, after that, was incredible. We were brought up to our ward and waited for word on what time I would be brought in. One minute I was told I would be in surgery within the hour, the next I was on my way and an hour later I had met my little girl. It was a very calm experience. I was super nervous of course but I was surrounded by a super nice and calm team. My midwife, Shauna, held my hand as I got my spinal anesthetic. The anesthetist sat at my head, chatting to me, until Ed, my husband, came in. Although it was a bit surreal and I was so, so nervous, I felt really supported and safe.

Within minutes I heard a little whimper and then, from behind the screen, I saw my little lady. It was crazy. I felt like the team were celebrating with me. All I could see was my little woman held up and all these other faces smiling and congratulating us and saying how beautiful she is. It was a really nice moment. I said hello to my little buddy for the first time and she opened her eyes and looked straight at me. We got to look at her for what felt like ages before they took her away to have her checked out. Skin to skin was incredible. She was only taken off me so that the surgeons could finish with me and so Croía had this time with her dad.

In recovery, we attempted breast feeding and Croía latched on straight away. It was all so calm and lovely and very surreal. Although she has been a dream with feeding, it’s a skill I still haven’t mastered but we are getting there. Back on the ward, I had another gorgeous midwife, Eve. She was so supportive, patient and answered all my questions. She was a great support with breastfeeding which I’m so grateful for. We were home three days later. My recovery has been great. It does take time but two weeks on, I feel much better and able for more.

Your yoga group was amazing Elaine. Most, if not everything, that was covered in the antenatal class I had already learned at yoga. So thanks to you and all the other brilliant mammas for that.

Myself and Croía are excited to start massage class. I can’t wait to learn some more tips and tricks too 😁

See you then and sorry for the really long email. I didn’t realise how much I had to say until I started writing.

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