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Birth Story: Lisa and baby Cílan

Hi Elaine,

Well Elaine I won’t be in pregnancy yoga on Wednesday 💙 Cílan came 2and half weeks early.

I had a really good experience no epidural which was in my toolbox,

so as promised a bit more detail on my birth story of my beautiful baby boy Cílan.

So last Sunday evening I started with twinges, which I thought it was Braxton Hicks as I hadn’t had any up until then.

At 37weeks +3 days no way I imagined I was in slow labour..That night it began getting worse timed it and my twinges(contractions) started to become more and more frequent.

I rang the Coombe at about 1am and they said to have a shower and try sleep, had a shower that helped but couldn’t sleep, then at 8am I rang them again they said try a bath was already bouncing on the ball listening to mediation.

Literally 30 mins later my waters broke, didn’t even get a chance to have a bath, so off to the Coombe we went. I got assessed and was 2cm dilated within about half hour I went to 3cm and was off to the delivery suite when my husband could join me.

That was about 11am, I was on the trace which limited my movement, a scalp PH was done no major concerns but they kept me on the trace throughout.I was asked if I wanted an epidural and felt I didn’t need it at that time gas was helping the pain, then without me realising it was 3pm I was starting to push he came after an hour of pushing at 4.01pm weighing 7lbs5oz.

As I said already my mindset and calmness 100% came from my yoga practice and your saying you can do anything for a minute I will forever swear by.

I believe was the main thing that got me through it.. all your moves and guidance really helped my mind state!..

Thank you again Elaine even though i didn’t do pregnancy yoga throughout my pregnancy the few weeks I did do helped me prepare to have a very positive birth.

thank you so much I hope to see you for baby&mama yoga in the coming weeks 💙

See you soon xxx

Huge congratulations to first time mum Lisa from pregnancy yoga online classes yoga mammas birth stories

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