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Positive C – Birth story: Rachael and baby Séanie

Hi Lainey. Baby Séanie was born Wednesday 10th March at 16.11. Waters broke naturally Monday 1.30am and I was kept in hospital. Induction was completely manageable.

A lot of waiting around with no pain. Very mild pains started early hours of the Wednesday morning. Was moved to delivery suite at 4 cm using heat packs for pain relief. Got to 7cm with breathing techniques, moving around and the peanut ball but as things were slow to move, to prevent myself getting too tired i opted for epidural.

Ultimately i had to have c section as things didnt move on fast enough, waters were gone more than 30 plus hours and he turned op.

But the whole thing from beginning to end was a positive experience and felt safe, calm and under control.

I feel this was helped by the effects of the breathing techniques and mindfulness etc. learned in yoga.

Thankfully Séanie and I were able to go home Saturday evening and so far everything has gone without any complications.

Thanks so much Lainey for your excellent sessions throughout my pregnancy.

Will be looking forward to joining the mummy and babies class soon. X


Huge congratulations Rachael from our online pregnancy yoga classes xxx

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