Birth Story- Zita and Baby Seána

Birth Announcement 🌸 Huge congratulations to Zita on the arrival of her baby girl from our online pregnancy classes!

We are so in love with her! 😊

So here comes our story, quite a long one 😂

Last Thursday after Pregnancy Yoga on Wednesday night, I was full of energy, thinking that I would definitely go about a week over. Not the slightest feeling of getting close.

I had my usual 1.5 hour walk with the dog in the morning, and cleaned the whole house in the afternoon with no problems . Went to bed telling my husband that I should really finish up packing my hospital bag 😂… then I woke at 1.30 that my waters are gone. I called the hospital and was told to go in so they can check me. So I went for a shower and then finally packed my bags 😆 in the coombe they put me on the monitor and as baby was happy and I was happy, I was sent home to get some sleep and hope to go into labour within the next 12 hours.

Well as soon as I got back to my bed at home, just before 5am, contractions started. They started 1 minutes long and 5 mins apart. I “danced” around the house at the start but then was quick down on all fours as the pain was getting stronger. I tried to ease the pain with tens, (I love the normal tens machine for back pain ) but no idea why, during contractions the feeling completely freaked me out and I ripped it off of my back. I’m glad I only borrowed this labour tens mashine and didn’t buy my own. 😂

By 7am contractions were nearly 2 mins long and 3 mins apart, so we dropped my dog to my in laws and made our way to the hospital. They examined me and although I had very frequent contractions, I was not dilated to 3cm yet, which meant I was admitted to the antenatal ward instead of the labour ward.

Without my husband, without my bag… and I was just put in a room and more or less left there. I really struggled with the pain, felt embarrassed making noises in the room with other people, suddenly questioned if I can really do this.. 😕 I asked the nurse for a towel and told her I will be in the shower.

And that was the best decision. I could really relax there, completely zoned out, it was just me and my baby. I cant even remember much of it to be honest. Dont even know how long I was in there. I just remember that I went back to the room, went down on all fours and screamed that i have to push and that’s when I was rushed to the labour ward and my husband was finally called in. This was shortly after 11.

To be in the delivery room, having my husband by my side and the nicest midwife to look after us made such a big difference. Strangely being up or on all 4s was suddenly very uncomfortable and I lied down on my side instead with the peanut ball. I was offered the epidural and as I planned all along, I turned it down. I didn’t doubt myself the slightest that I can do it without pain relief. And I remember being so happy about it.

I had no fear of the pain at all. By 2pm I was fully dilated and it was great to hear that I can now give my all. 😂😂😂 unfortunately my baby wasnt the happiest and at the very end so first vacuum and then also forceps were needed to help her but she was finally born at 14.39 pm.
After she got her quick check up, I could finally hold her and feed her before she was taken away for about an hour to be properly examined.

Given the circumstances we asked the midwife if my husband could stay and wait for her to be brought back and they were the most accommodating, putting us into a small private room and giving us about an hour to cuddle and bond as a family before I was brought to ward and he had to leave the hospital .

On the ward I was looked after by the nicest midwives. I know people are worried about not being allowed to have visitors. But this situation creates such a calm, friendly atmosphere in the hospital. The two days in there were just about my baby and her needs. Didn’t have to worry about how I look, who is coming and when, what strangers are floating around looking for their family member.. I spent the whole time in my night dress, fed Seána on demand, took looong showers, and just enjoyed the last moments of having her all to myself before we go out in the big world and I have to share her 😊

My labour didn’t go 100% the way I planned. But looking back I only see it as a positive birth. Even with the complications at the end, without the epidural, feeling everything , i could give my best to help her.

And she is here. She is healthy and she us beautiful. We waited 7 years for her. We questioned many things during those years. But now even if i could go back I wouldn’t change a thing. She is the most perfect little creature I ever seen. And I’m her mammy for ever. I fell in love with my husband all over again at a different level watching him dancing with her in his arm.

I cannot thank you enough for the last 6 months of support. Because of your classes , I wasnt only physically prepared for the birth, but I was informed , prepared and most importantly confident, knowing that my body was built for this and that I have choices .
Cannot wait to do all the baby classes now with her 😊 xxx

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