Birth Story: Rebecca and Baby Ben

Birth Announcement 🌸 Huge congratulations to Rebecca in the birth of her baby boy two weeks early!

Hi Lainey,

Baby Ben arrived 2 weeks early at 1.37am yesterday morning! Thank you Lainey for all your advice and help over the last number of definitely meant I was ready for his arrival! Active labour was only 4 hours and breathing is what got me through it! In Holles St and all the staff have been amazing too 🥰💙

My waters went at about 5am on Saturday so had to go in to be checked, they gave me until 8am on Sunday for things to happen themselves otherwise we’d have to look at induction.

I went home, went for a walk, bounced on the ball and at about 5.30pm I started to feel ‘twinges’ so put the TENs on soon after (found it so helpful) and bounced on the ball! Things escalated pretty quickly then, by 9pm we were on our way into holles st!

I was admitted into the labour ward so my husband could come straight in which was amazing!

I went from 1 to 9cm in less than 2 hours purely using my breath.

I did then cave to the epidural so got it administered at 9cm which gave my body a chance to calm down after having such a quick labour thus far. I could still feel everything and move my legs which I was grateful for.

Baby’s heart rate did start to drop after an hour of pushing so there was talk of using suction etc but I used my breathe and managed to get him out myself.

Really enjoyed the classes, learnt much more than yoga! Will miss them!!

Feeling really a bubble with very little sleep but just so smitten by him that I’m not bothered 😅

Overall amazing experience, still can’t really believe he’s here and he’s mine🥰!! Just getting into breastfeeding so hoping we have a positive journey there too!💙

Will def join baby massage 🥰🥰

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