New Mamma Relaxation

Deep relaxation allows your body as a new mum to release tension, stress and tiredness. Yoga Breathing helps the mind to quieten and to calm and balance your emotions.

Being a new mum can be overwhelming sometimes. The new responsibility of a new baby and all the unknowns that go with it. Sometimes it’s emotional healing after a traumatic birth. Sometimes family or relationship difficulties can add to feelings of stress.

Your baby will benefit from you taking the time for You. Whether it’s a walk, a hot shower or joining a yoga class and sharing with other new mums.

In our Mum and Baby Yoga classes main focus is on mums. After stretching and strengthen your body in all directions, and a little baby yoga for babies, we finish with Mindful breathing and guided Relaxation.

The class offers you a calm, baby led space away from everyday stresses, a chance to reconnect mind and body, to build inner and outer strength, helping you feel energised and grounded.

Your baby will respond and in haven of peace you both can relax and feel nourished.

Lainey X

“The Thursday class really helps me as it’s just about me & my daughter. Would be lost without it”

” Loved the yoga thank you. Just was I need to strengthen my body back up.”

🌟Try a class or join a course from 10weeks-12months

💗Mum and Baby Yoga Carlow Tues.11am

💙Mum and Baby Yoga Dublin Thurs.10.45am

🌟5 weeks €60 / Drop in anytime €15

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