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Natural Birth Story – Sara and baby Lara

Hi Elaine,

Just want to share the amazing news that our little girl Lara Carroll is here. Born at 5.40pm with a beautiful natural birth.

She was 2 weeks over and this is the latest the hospital would allow so I was booked for an induction. Arrived at the hospital about 9am and had my waters released, after this myself and husband had a nice day, breakfast, then I popped earphones in and did some dancing to myself to get things moving, a walk around the park and then lunch, we got back around 3pm and things had progressed so headed to the labour ward. I then popped in my headphones and sat on a birthing ball for two hours listening to some hypnobirthing tracks and completely zoned out. I then started to feel a lot of pressure and my contractions where giving me no break, I continued with my tracks but sat on the birthing stool with some gas and air until I had back to back contractions and got a bit worried I was getting no break and asked for the epidural, the midwife went to get it and came back and did an internal first and as she was going to I shouted no, I need to push she’s coming out!! She went to get the doctor and I scared my poor husband and said no get her back in here I can feel the head coming out! I was right my husband, the doctor and two midwives ran in and I watched the head come out after 5 minutes of deep breathing and pushing 5.40pm Lara was lying on my chest and it was the most amazing and intense experience of my whole life.

Thank for all your support and particularly your last email, I didn’t think I would be able for the preferred birth I wanted with an induction but your encouragement and all the lovely yoga breathing and classes really helped.

Thanks for everything and sending love from me and Lara.

Sara xx

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