My boys πŸ’™ and Yoga Mammmas

My boys πŸ’™ I started Yoga Mammas 10 years ago, when my first boy was 4 months old as I was severely suffering from loneliness as a new mother, and postnatal anxiety after the huge transition that I had NO WAY prepared for.

I brought him to all the Baby classes and met wonderful women and friends. And then when his brother came along 6 years later, I brought him along. Such a privilege to bring my boys to my classes. Not always easy either! I could relate to all the conversations around me and while creating a space for support, I too gained support from my mammas
Now 4 years later, Β Fionn at 19 months is my side kick. He’s beside me every day. He sleeps beside me every night.
I had him booked in creche for September. I imagined all the work I’d get done. The classes I could run. The books I could read. The copious amounts of hot tea I could drink. The clean house 🏑

BUT then it all came back to me. I’m a Mamma first.

So I cancelled his place.

Everything else can wait. #stayathomemum #workingmum #selfemployed #yogamamma


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