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Mum and Baby Yoga is where Yoga Mammas first started and my heart still lays here ❤️ I set up my first class 10 years ago when I became a mother for the first time and felt I hadn’t a clue what I was doing and quite honestly spent most my days crying on the kitchen floor. Something I talk about in my Baby classes.

Yoga helped ease that transition into motherhood for me and the change of focus in my life. Meeting other mammas even as the teacher, helped me feel less isolated and the chats made me feel like I wasn’t alone. And continue to do so! I’ve made so many beautiful friends 👭👭

Practicing Yoga together, we breathe together we allow Prana to flow and a connection to our collective feminine energy creates this wonderful Yoga Mamma community. A ‘sisterhood’ as one of the mammas likened it to.

Yoga is a wonderful support physically, but because of my experience I want create a welcoming environment in which postnatal women and babies can come together, stretch, breathe, heal together from the inside out, and to leave my classes feeling mentally and emotionally supported.

So strong is this sense of sisterhood between the women and babies, most continue to come to class throughout their entire maternity leave. And return in their future babies. 😍

So as one Course comes to an end, and I take a short break for my upcoming nuptials 👰🥂 thank you all and see you for the next course in July ☀️
Lainey 💕 #motherhood #postnatal #community #friendship #circleofsupport

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