Lyn and baby Tilley

Hi Elaine! Baby girl! Tilley was born at 1.49 this morning, 7lbs 5 ozs. Birth story to follow when I can bring myself to put her down 😍🎀 Lyn x

So here’s my birth story, I had my appointment in the clinic on Friday. My BP was up and because I was term and I have a history of high BP they admitted me to monitor it. They adjusted my meds and did a sweep on sat morning. My cervix was favourable for ARM and I went on the list for a bed in the delivery suite. I was eventually called down Monday night at 23.30. They broke my waters with very little effort at 24.20 and Tilley was born at 01.49!
1.5 hours of contractions and she practically pushed herself out in a matter of minutes, it was intense and amazing!

The contractions were around 30/40 seconds long roughly every 2 mins. I spent most of the time on the ball and using my yoga breathing, visualising baby moving this happen and can’t thank you enough for everything you taught me.

Best wishes to all the yoga mammas I’m really going to miss the class. See you in baby massage and baby yoga soon xx


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