Louise’s birth story

Lucas’ Birth Story.

So, as ye know, i was overdue a week last Monday. Tuesday I

had a hosp app and the doc checked me and offered a

sweep. She said cervix was very favourable, soft and she

could get 2/3 fingers. She did the sweep, gave it a good

go”, her words,Ha. I didn’t find this sore at all.

That evening i was very twingy again, had a long warm bath

and tried to envisage things starting. I remember talking to

the baby and telling him we were ready to meet him.

Not a sausage overnight though!

Wednesday morning I woke and on trip to bathroom saw I

had a good bit of bloody show. No pains tho. I was hopeful

things would happen that evening or next day. We went off

for coffee and a bit of shopping and got home round 12.30.

Now, it gets interesting, hehe!!

Put freya up for a nap and I said to hubbie we’l have a bit of a

“cuddle” and see if it helps things along. Well, we literally

only got as far as a good kiss wen I stood up and felt my

waters going. Not a big gush but a good steady trickle that i

knew wasn’t pee. Looked at the clock and it was 1.30pm. I

was delighted things were starting by themselves and felt

very calm and happy. Stefan thought he was the man!! Haha!

I decided to lie down for a bit and pretty much straightaway

felt distinctive contractions, with the rise, peak and fall. I had

3 in 30 mins but they were very mild, we were humming and

hawing about going to the hosp but decided we wud head up

and get checked and if i wasn’t dilated much, we would check

in to a hotel and wait it out.

Dad came over and we headed off at 2.45, stef timing surges

on app. They were becoming quite regular but were

manageable to breathe through. Between surges i just kept

my eyes closed and tried to relax and not think too much. I

was aware they were quite close together but I didn’t ask stef

how close or how long they were cos I didn’t want to freak

out.  Afterwards he said that they were pretty much 3-4 mins

apart for most of the trip.

We came in by the long mile road through crumlin and it was

round then that things really started ramping up a bit more,

surges were more intense and I felt like i cudnt fully relax

between them, I still felt uncomfortable. We heard on the

radio about the protests and as we got to near stephens

green traffic was basically at a standstill.

I was finding it tough at this stage, i had moved to a kneeling

position in the back seat, looking out the back window. I

couldn’t just breathe through the surges and needed to make

a bit of noise aswell. I was starting to get a bit of pressure

too, I did feel a bit panicky at times, but just kept breathing

and telling myself i can do it. Stef was very reassuring at this


Then, stef saw a guard and shouted out the window that his

wife was in labour, the guard straightaway turned on his

lights and led us straight through traffic and down towards

the hosp. Id say he easily shaved off 20/30 mins cos traffic

was brutal!

We pulled up outside Holles st and I said to stef “ur gonna

have to get a wheelchair cos I cant move, i don’t think I can

walk in”. But then, as the surge ended, I just got this burst of

energy and shouted at him, “let me out now “and I nearly

jumped out of the back of the car and hobbled towards the

main door. I remember loads of people around on the path

and I just charged past them, through the doors, breathing

like a bull about to charge!!

I went straight to admission office down the corridor and the

guy there took one look at me and put me in a wheelchair

and straight up to the delivery ward.

I remember it was so quiet and they had Christmas trees and

decorations, it was lovely. Midwife came out, introduced

herself and brought me to a room. She examined me and

said, “well, you can push whenever you want, you are ready”,

i was 10 cms.

So, that was 4.35pm and Lucas was born at 5.10pm. The

pushing stage was only about 20 mins and the midwife was

great, so helpful and nice.I stayed in a hands and knees

position and actually lay in childs pose between pushes, I

used the gas and air and it helped for the focus at the end

and to bite down on wen i was pushing. It was so intense but

such an amazing feeling afterwards. I was on such a high!!

So, my lovely boy was born, all 10lbs 8 ozs of him and i didn’t

even need a stitch! So, don’t be afraid of big babies girls,

keep positive and believe in your body.

I am so grateful to have had the natural birth i wanted and

Pregnancy Yoga and the positivity generated definitely played

a part in that.

Thanks Elaine and to all the other girls for the knowledge and


See you in the New Year For Baby Massage.


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