Lorraine’s Birth Story

Pre-pregnancy I had always enjoyed my weekly Yoga Flow class with Elaine. Thankfully when I became pregnant I was able to join her Pregnancy Class which I absolutely loved! Found the hour on my mat each week really relaxing for myself and my baby. I was planning on a natural birth and knew my Yoga would help try and achieve that! Elaine also recommend the gentle birth program to me, which I used and started listening to the tracks from about 5 months.

This was my first pregnancy so wasn’t sure what to expect but knew I wanted to try and have a natural birth.

My waters broke at 10:45pm on the Thursday, 29th. I knew I could probably stay at home and keep an eye on my temperature, but rang the coombe and they advised to come in, as it was my first myself and my husband decided to go in. Midwife on the phone told us not to rush but to make our way in shortly. I had a shower and then some camomile tea and we watched goggle box!

When we arrived at the Coombe, the midwife put me on a trace for a few minutes, all good with baby but because my waters were gone they would be keeping me in, which I expected. My husband was sent home at about 2am and they admitted me to the ward. I got into bed and put my gentle birth tracks on straight away (was on a ward with women who were in for high blood pressure, gestational diabetes etc, so they were all fast asleep, tracks helped drown out the snores!!). At about 3:30/4am contractions started, kept listening to my affirmations and started bouncing on my ball. Using my yoga breath and positions that Elaine showed us in the class, the excercises on all fours, the cat pose and the squatting positions we learnt I found really helpful. This kept going for the rest of the morning. I was checked on only occasionally but more or less left to my own devices. My husband was allowed back in at 7am and contractions were getting stronger, started using my tens machine and walking the corridors. At 9:30am I asked to be checked to see if I was progressing and so I could be moved to the labour ward ( at this stage I was still on the normal ward with women who were not in labour, so just has the curtain around my bed, not much privacy!). The midwife was reluctant to check me saying because my waters has already gone they wanted to reduce the risk of infection. My response was how would they know I was in labour and to move me to the labour ward if they weren’t going to check me? She said oh we would have to check you to see, ok then so check now please! I was 1cm! Continued walking the corridors, stopping to deal with contractions, my husband was fantastic getting me to concentrate on the breath and my yoga practice kicked in. Then moved to the shower, found the water really great. In the shower was getting the urge to push so went back to our cubicle and called the midwife. She examined me and said I was 3cm. This was at 12:30pm, she went off to get me a bed and see if the birthing pool was available. She came back awhile later to say birthing pool was not available and was now checking for another room. Before they could move me anywhere, I felt a strong urged to push, my husband pressed the call bell and another midwife came into examine me, she said I was between 7/8 cm. she asked if I could get on a wheelchair but at this point I couldn’t speak as dealing with the contractions. They then rushed me up on the bed, down the corridor to the delivery suite, I was straight up on the bed, hanging over the top of the bed and pushing. My midwife here, Ruth, was fantastic, kept telling me to listen to my body and go with it. Jack was born at 13:44, 6lb 7oz we had skin to skin for over an hour, delayed cord clamping and my husband got to cut the cord. All of the midwives asked how i prepared and i said Pregnancy Yoga and gentle birth!!

Enjoying life now with Baby Jack! We get to continue our journey with Elaine we joined her Baby Massage class and Baby Yoga class which we are both loving, would really recommend Elaine’s classes!

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