How Pregnancy Yoga can support your baby’s birth

Empowering Positions for Labour and Birth

A brief outline of how what we practice each week in Pregnancy Yoga can support you and your baby during birth and help empower your birth.

First Stage of Labour: *

I recommend during the first stage of labour while the cervix is dilating it’s best to use upright positions and walking, standing hip circles or kneeling during surges/ contractions to help your baby move down and speed up dilation. Rest and chill in between surges. Practice deep calm breathing throughout all stages to maintain your focus.

*Second Stage of Labour:

Standing against a wall, window left etc *leaning forward*, kneeling or all fours contractions helps create space for your baby’s head to rotate down into the birth canal.

You can give birth in ANY POSITION that you feel most comfortable, empowered and relaxed in. Eg. Kneeling, squatting, side lying..

*Third Stage of Labour*

Upright positions can help the sponataneous separation of the placenta, and fluids can drain more efficiently from the uterus and less risk of postnatal infection.

My Pregnancy Classes focus on active birth as it supports both mum and baby.

•Gravity helps baby move down.
•Better placental circulation and more oxygen supply to baby when not labouring/ birthing on your back.
• Like I’ve mentioned before in class the pelvic joints are free to expand and move to support your baby’s head.
If the mother is lying on her back in bed the pelvic outlet and tailbone can often not move and open wide enough, and instruments at be used to pull your baby out.
• In upright position the perineal tissues can expand and draw back around baby’s heals as they emerge, and risk of episiotomy is reduced. ( Perineum Massage can help here too )

Also like I mentioned in this weeks class, when labour starts it may help to request a midwife who supports your wishes for a calm, natural active birth. Feeling fully supported truly makes all the difference on the day 💞

Lainey 💕💕


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