Pregnancy Belly Massage

After a bath or shower, use a vegetable oil or safe aromatherapy oil to massage your growing belly throughout your pregnancy.

Pour some oil into your palm, rub your hands together to warm the oil, relax and massage into your belly gently in a clockwise movement.

This helps to keep your skin supple and nourished while at the same time it’s an opportunity for you to bring your awareness to the presence of your baby inside.

Imagine that your baby can feel the warm touch of your hands and send three deep breaths down to your baby. See you growing belly full of light.

Continue to massage your belly, then move to your thighs, boobs and the rest of your body.
For mammas-to-be, it is often recommended to use the oil from 3 months+  and daily when your belly starts to expand, and the majority of stretch marks start to appear on tummy, hips and thighs.

Yoga Mammas Aromatherapy Bump & Body all natural oil contains Neroli oil (from the Orange Blossom) to promote cell renewal and help prevent Stretchmarks and Scars, boost circulation to relieve Restless Leg syndrome and also reduce Anxiety and Insomnia.

High in saturated fats, Coconut oil is blended with Organic Sunflower oil to deeply nourish your skin and improve it’s elasticity and strengthen cell walls as your body continues to grow and nourish your baby. Together the naturally high antioxidant oils help promote healing and improve the glow and feel of your skin.

Yoga Mammas Bump & Body oil can be also enjoyed after you’ve had your baby during the Post-partum period as part of your mamma self care.

I’m loving the bump oil. It’s gorgeous thanks…applying it a few times a day…my bump gets itchy at night!

Handblended by Lainey.

100ml bottle €12.00

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