Grace and baby James

Hi Elaine,
Little James was born Tuesday, 10 days overdue!

I Started getting cramp like waves Sunday evening in low back and abdomen, which by 5am Monday morning were every half hour and uncomfortable enough to wake me up! I didn’t want to build my hopes up to much that something was happening, but they got more intense and closer together as Monday went on, and by Monday evening i reckoned something was going to happen. The discomfort was mainly in my back and lower abdomen, and squating through each wave really helped. At 4am waves were 5 minutes apart and over a minute long, so we decided to head to saint Luke’s. Sitting was very uncomfortable and the tens machine really helped for the car. We got to the hospital and everything slowed down completely, disappointingly i was only 2cm dilated, they told us to stay anyway as i was due in later Tuesday for monitoring anyway, and they suspected baby was on its way. Surges were quite intense and at lunchtime they offered me pethidine injection, which i took as i was just getting exhausted, and along with some gas and air, staying on hands and knees and hips circles i managed it the rest of the way. James was born, 8lbs 11, he had his little hand in front of his face as he arrived, but it was really wonderful having him passed to me to hold for the first time.

My husband was a great support the whole way, encouraging me and keeping my spirits up! Making sure i was drinking lots of fluids and keeping energy up. I’d made a homemade labour energy drink which i think really helped keep me going.

Having a supportive partner really helped, and the midwives and staff in Kilkenny were great. We had a lovely midwife for the birth, which made it all so much nicer and a really positive experience. I think you really have to be open minded, and just go with everything that feels right at the time.

It was an amazing experience, the midwife got me to sit back on feet as baby was born so she could pass him up to me, which was fantastic.
But just thrilled to have him, and glad i left my mind open, as much as i would have liked a completely drug free birth, i was very glad of the drugs i did take, and they definitely made it easier to manage in the end!
Having done the yoga classes really helped, i don’t think i would have thought of using the different positions i used or been as comfortable in them had i not been doing yoga.

So thanks for all your great guidance in the classes, they were really enjoyable and a lovely hour to unwind each week.

Looking forward to coming to baby massage soon,
Thanks for everything,


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