GentleBirth Hypnobirthing

Yoga Mammas and GentleBirth Antenatal Workshops

Give birth more calmly, more comfortably and more in control with Yoga and GentleBirth.

Elaine has a passion for pregnancy and making a positive difference in women’s journey through birth and motherhood. She is excited to be certified in GentleBirth, an antenatal programme that can be done at home or weekend workshops, that teaches Brain Training for Birth (Intro to Hypnosis, Mindfulness Techniques for Birth, Sports Psychology & CBT), breathing techniques, and visualisation to prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically, for the best birthing experience possible.

Since her training in 2013, Elaine is a Certified GentleBirth Instructor and has used the programme during her pregnancy and natural drug free birth, and has experienced first hand how wonderful the programme is, and how empowering birth can be.

GentleBirth focuses on 3 core areas

  • Brain Training for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond
  • Comfort Measures & Active Birth principals
  • Navigating and negotiating the best birth for you.

Workshops and course dates Coming Soon!

‘ Yoga is all about strengthening the body and relaxing the mind and GentleBirth is all about strengthening the mind and relaxing the body – the perfect combination for a positive birth! ‘ Tracy Donegan

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