For all New Mammas

🌸 Dearest new mama- You are sore and leaky and more tired than you could have ever imagined.

Everything is soaked in breast milk and tears. Everything hurts. Your body has literally stretched to its breaking point, or perhaps was cut open to make space for the miracle of life.

Your heart aches with a love so huge it feels as though going to break you in half and sometimes you can’t breathe because it all feels too big.

They told you about the waves of birth but no one told you about the intense waves of postpartum- the euphoria and joy that lifts you up, and the heavy weight that drops you suddenly and leaves you sobbing into receiving blankets.

You look back across the sea and the journey you’ve made- and in the distance you see the maiden you once were. So much has changed in so little time and you wonder if you’ll ever find your way back to that self. You wouldn’t change this love for the world, but something inside you aches for familiar ground and the woman you once were. This is all so new and raw.

But you will find your way, sweet mama. You have not left yourself behind, you’ve simply grown new wings. The maiden you with her carefree ways and wild spirit is still inside you, and always will be.

Follow the compass of your heart. Allow the tears to fall. You will find your way, and your self will be waiting for you with open arms when you do. 💓

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