Elena and baby Alice birth story 💗

Hi Elaine,Ok, here it is… (apologies in advance for my English) 

I started getting contractions at about 03:00am on Wednesday . They were quite sporadic and mild so I staied in bed and i actually managed to sleep a bit. Got up then at around 06:00am to find out that i had lost the mucus plug. My contractions were closer to each other and a bit more stronger but still very manageable. I woke up my boyfriend, had a light breakfast, a shower, straight my hair (as you do while in labour lol) and got ready to go to Holles st. 

We left the house at 8am, the traffic was horrendous but i managed to stay calm and used the breathing techniques i learned in yoga classes through each contractions, a lifesaver!

We arrived at the hospital at 9am, i got admitted and a midwife checked my cervix straight away and told me that i was not in the actual labour yet but that my cervix was so soft and half way down that she thought that in a couple of hours I would have been ready and in active labour, that was a relief. 

She sent me to the labour ward and after probably 30/40 mins my contractions started to be very strong and probably 5 mins a part. To take my mind away from it i tried breathing with my partner, gym ball, walking, I even started to listen to my favourite band which is Metallica, imagine me headbanging in the labour ward?! Yeah, but unfortunately nothing helped me, nothing at all. The pain was too strong that i couldn’t handle it very well 🙁 Thank god at around 11:30am another midwife checked me and told me that I was 4 cm dilated and in active labour, YAYYY! I went straight away to the delivery room and the midwife that checked me in the morning was there for my birth. I was glad as she was really nice 🙂 At that point the pain was unbearable for me and i had to ask for the gas that did not help at all, so i had to ask for an epidural 🙁 The midwife had to break my water and after few minutes the epidural man came and did the magic 🙂 It was probably 01:30pm. So the pain left, and i was lay there chatting away with the midwife, my partner and a student that assisted my birth. At around 04:30pm was the big moment: pushing! I think i pushed for 6 times, the midwife and the student kept telling me: you a great pusher, a great pusher…but i could not feeling it as i was numb by the epidural, but for sure i gave my everything! And then baby Alice was born <3 full of hair and for me and my partner, the most beautiful creature in the whole world <3

No tear or stitches which i was very happy with. All the yoga positions helped a lot with that 🙂 

Alice was safe and sound and we were over the moon <3

The umbilical cord was cut after 20 mins by my partner 🙂 which he also managed to be very active at the all pushing part, i did not think he would have be able to do that, he surprised me and i was chuffed about it, i was chuffed for him <3

So, everything until then for me was smooth and under control, but unfortunately when they brought me up to the room i started to feel sick: my blood pressure drop and i got high temperature and i felt like i was spaced out… The drugs were wearing off and i felt awful, horrible! I had my little baby there and i could not old her, thank god my partner was there, he was an angel.

I did not know what to do as also the midwifes kept saying that i was fine and that was normal 🙁 So i started to drink loads and loads of water and i started to feel like myself again. I could then hold my baby and feel happy 🙂

For me the epidural and gas were good for the pain but then unfortunately made me feel so sick after, that i nearly regret using it 🙁 Overall though everything went smooth and very quick so i cannot really complain about it.

To all the mamas my advice is to follow your instinct and listen to your self and to your body. Don’t be afraid to do whatever you are feeling to do while in labour, do anything that makes you feel better, ask for help and for the ‘drugs’ if you need to. You will all do Amazing!

I would like to thank you Elaine for everything that you do in the yoga classes. All the breathing techniques, all the positions, all the tips, that we shared really helped me, thank you thank you thank you! 

See you in baby massage 🙂

Big hugs xxx

Elena, the Italian one 🙂

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