Deciding on your Birth Preferences

We often chat in class about how you would like your baby’s birth to go. Whether you would like to try have as less intervention as possible or know you will be asking for an epidural as soon as you arrive ‘ Your birth needs are as individual as you’. I personally think whatever is important to you, write it down. Be clear in your communication to how you would like things to go on the day. Chat inadvance to your midwife or consultant and ask as many questions as you need. Note the word birth preferences- not birth plan. Nothing goes to plan and preferences are perhaps a list of things you would prefer to happen covering all paths your baby’s birth may take.

On my first baby I had no birth plan or preferences. ” I’ll just see how things go” but I didn’t actually know I had a choice, or a say in my baby’s birth. I went into spontaneous labour at 40+3 days, went straight into hospital, was told the anesthetist could give me an epidural now or he’ll be gone to the next ward in a warning tone. So i got it and lay on the bed for 7-8hours waiting. Chatting, relaxed, ( sometimes puking!) but not once moving position, and not once thinking how am I going to do this. I was just waiting to be told what to do. When to breathe. When to push. Looking back I had no control whatsoever.I hadn’t done any preparation bar a one day private antenatal class with my OH.  I also had no information for me to know otherwise. I was shocked afterwards and would sometimes cry when I thought of what I had just gone through. This disconnection. This disconnection with myself, my body, my baby. My baby was healthy but I was in shock looking back.

You do have a say. You do have a choice. I had my birth preferences written and signed off for my my second baby’s birth. No it didn’t go to my original plan, but it  was so amazing I walked on air for days and weeks afterwards. It was drug free. Just me, my breath, my body and my baby- I was active and mainly I was deeply connected throughout with the amazing support of my OH, even when things took a turn. But that’s a birth story for another day..!

This experience however has lead me onto the path I’m on today – helping support and encourage women to connect to their body and baby during pregnancy, during birth, postnatally. That very tough part of my life has lead me to meet so many women and help in any tiny miniscule way I can.


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Here’s a fantastic read from for you to have a look at and think about when thinking about how you’d like your baby’s birth day to go. Here



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